Highest Standard Of Safety On Your Work Site

Keep your workers safe around powerlines with a GAME Traffic & Contracting Electrical Spotter.

GAME Traffic & Contracting have qualified Electrical Spotters available to work with you and your staff to ensure the highest standard of safety is maintained on your work site at all times.

In accordance with current Worksafe and Energy Safe Rules, a Qualified Electrical Spotter must always be used when equipment is being used near, or within, dangerous ‘no go zones’.

    All our Electrical Spotters are fully qualified and hold current Energy Safe Spotter Registration Certificates. Many of our spotters also hold current Dogger’s certificates, please stipulate when booking a spotter if you require this level of certification on your work site.

    If you are unsure if you require a spotter on site, contact us and we can clarify  with you to determine if a spotter is needed on your work site.

    Need to know more?

    If you have any questions please contact us so we can help.