Recovery GAME

In many cases, one persons’ trash is another persons’ treasure.

Recovery GAME aims to help you discover your own treasure, offering a wide range of recovered and donated items  for sale, ranging from bikes and sporting goods, to household items, whitegoods and children’s toys.

Since it opened in Wodonga in 2004, The Recovery GAME shop has encouraged sustainability through recycling, finding new uses for discarded items and reducing the quantity of materials going to landfill. The shop is operated in a joint venture between GAME Traffic & Contracting, Sustainability Victoria and the City of Wodonga. Our staff recover the useable, good quality items and offer them for sale to the public. Donations from the community are encouraged and accepted during business hours.


Wodonga Transfer Station, Kane Road, Wodonga.

Hours of business

  • Monday – Saturday 10am – 3pm
  • Sunday 10am – 2pm